It takes a lot of work to create original content…

The words you write.
The videos you create.
The newsletters you send. 

You or your team have put a lot of time into creating these, yet often they sit on the shelf failing to reach their full potential. 

Imagine if you had a team that was turning all of your existing content into engaging social posts on LinkedIn.

This would get more eyeballs on your content. 
This would position you as a thought leader. 
And ultimately this would drive more awareness and business outcomes.

At Content Allies, we work with content marketers and creators to amplify your message through LinkedIn. 

You are already investing into creating content, let’s make sure the world sees it.  

Working with Content Allies has been exactly what I needed. I had a lot of content created, but I never took the time to regularly share it on Linkedin. I’ve gotten over 30,000 impressions on my content in the first month and it’s leading to significant engagement on Linkedin and a noticeable lift in email subscribers.
— Nils Vinje, Glide Consulting