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You are an expert in your field.

You know that writing content about your expertise is one of the best things you can do. But when it comes to your own content…

You struggle to figure out what to write.
You struggle to find the time.
And when you do create content, you are not proud enough to publish it.

But fear not, you are not alone. 

Most consulting firms fail at content marketing when they go it alone. 
That is why you need a content expert by your side.
That is why you need Content Allies.

 Content marketing is the single most effective marketing channel when done correctly.


Become a thought leader

Publishing engaging and quality content for your consultancy demonstrates your expertise and solidifies your rank as an expert in your field. 

Build an asset

While many marketing channels are short term trends, content marketing is here to stay. Content you create today will serve you years from now.

Attract new leads

When you publish useful content for your target prospects, you will capture the attention and interest of new leads and prospects. 

Jake absolutely nailed it and the engagement was rich with a ton of great information. He challenged us to think deeper about our strategy and how we position our company in the market. He took all of the puzzle pieces of our business and put them together in a clear way that showed us the path forward.
— Jarrod Glasgow, Beloved Robot

In order for content to be effective,
you need a clear strategy.

That is why we offer the Content Strategy Roadmap.


How the Content Roadmap works:

Step 1. Discovery Call 

We connect over a 90 minute discovery call to dive deep so our team can understand you and your business. 

Step 2. We deliver your Content Roadmap

Our team delivers a Content Strategy Roadmap specifically designed for your business. 

Step 3. Review call

We connect on a call to review and go over the roadmap together. On the call you can challenge our ideas, provide input, and brainstorm. 

Step 4. Refine and Implement

After we review with your team, we will make any needed adjustments to the content roadmap. We then offer routes forward for execution or support to help you implement your roadmap.

What is included in the end deliverable?

You can view a template of the Content Roadmap here.

  • Tagline & positioning statement for your company

  • 3-4 sentence blurb about your company 

  • Documented buyer persona

  • Defined objectives and measures of success for content marketing

  • Content platform & plan defined

  • Content schedule for the next 3 months 

  • Backlog of future content ideas to last you for 6-9 months

  • Optimized Linkedin profile copy

How long does this process take?

You will receive your content roadmap within 7 days of your initial discovery call.

What happens after the Content Roadmap is complete?

There are three ways you can move forward.

  1. Alone - You can take the roadmap we created and implement it yourself.

  2. Done-for-you - You can hire Content Allies to lead your content creation process.

  3. Done-with-you - You can take a hybrid approach of creating content yourself & hiring Content Allies for specific support services and ongoing advising.

Imagine becoming a top name in your industry.
Everyone will know who you are. 

That is the power of content. We can help take you there. 


At Content Allies, “Win/Win” is one of our core values. 

That is why we offer a 100% money back guarantee on our Content Strategy Roadmaps.

If you are not happy at the end of the Content Strategy Roadmap for any reason, we will refund 100% oof your money.

This guarantee forces us to only sign customers who will be a great fit and benefit from our services.


We’d never worked with an external consultant before and initially, were very unsure of whether hiring Jake would be a smart investment. After all, there are plenty of ‘bizdev consultants’ who are really just snake oil salesmen!

But Jake’s process was fast and totally painless. We ended up with a fantastic set of advice and recommendations which gave us total clarity on a whole series of positioning and marketing challenges we’d been going back and forth on for months. Jake’s advice has given us the confidence to strongly push in a single, focused direction which we’re sure will pay off for our team.

I’d strongly recommend the process to other agency owners, even if you feel that this is the kind of challenge you should be able to figure out by yourself. Getting an external perspective from Jake has made us far more efficient and I’m sure will save us months of wasted time and effort. That document is a goldmine!”
— Jon Lay, Hanno.co

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