Content Allies Pricing & Service Overview

The path to building a content machine is through creating systems. 
At Content Allies, we have 4 different systems that you can build with us.

Each of these represents a single channel of Content and processes in your content creation pipeline. 

You can pick one, or all of the systems to build for your business.

The 4 Content Allies Systems:

1. Word Document to Blog Post - You deliver a word document to us. We upload that to your website, format it, create the thumbnail image, and get all of your settings and everything in order to publish.

2. Word Document to Email Newsletter - If you want to get an email out to your list, simply write it up into a word document and share it with Content Allies. We will load that into your email newsletter software and schedule that to be sent out. 

3. Podcast Production and Publishing - Want to start a podcast but need support with the editing, uploading or publishing of your show. At Content Allies we can help you end-to-end with your podcast production. 

4. Social Sharing via Facebook and LinkedIn - Imagine that you simply write your social updates when you create your article or new piece of content. You deliver that with a blog post and it is automatically shared out on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter the day the article goes live. This is what our social sharing system enables. 

How onboarding works


1) We learn your process

The first step to working with Content Allies is for you to record a screen capture video to train our team on how to run your specific content process. (ex. Publish a blog / podcast)

2) You provide a piece of content to Content Allies

Once our team is trained on a process, you simply provide a piece of content via email.


3) We implement the process

Once we are trained, you provide content and our team handles the rest. That could include posting to your website, email marketing, social, Youtube channel or whatever else you need.


$149 setup fee per system + hourly usage

Setup Fee

For each system, you will pay a one time setup fee for the creation and documentation of that specific system process. This includes a 21 day window to work with our team to document your content process.

At the end of that setup, you will have a documented process (SOP) that could be handed to any virtual assistant. Click the button below to view a sample process document.

Hourly Usage

Once the process documents have been created, you will be billed hourly for the actual execution of each process. Hourly billing is broken down into two pricing tiers:

  • $10 per hour for skilled work

    • Virtual Assistant level tasks

    • Uploading articles / podcasts to website

    • Executing repeatable processes

    • Altering a pre-designed template for thumbnails

  • $30 per hour for skilled work

    • Copy editing

    • Video Editing

    • Podcast Audio Editing

    • Show notes creation

    • Pulling quotes / excerpts from articles

    • Creating original thumbnail designs

  • Minimum Monthly Billing after first month of setup is $199 per month

    • Any billing over $199 per month is charged on an hourly basis. 


What is the difference between admin level work and skilled work?

Once a process is documented, a majority of the work should be able to be completed by virtual assistant level workers.

If you require a more complex stage of the process such as a copy editor, audio editor, show note writing, or custom thumbnail design, then that will fall into the skilled work category.

After the setup fee, how long will each task take?

A standard blog post will take 45-90 minutes of admin level work to publish to a website. ($5-15 per article)
A podcast will take approximately 1.5 hours of skilled work and 60-90 minutes of admin work. ($40 per episode for audio editing + $10-15 of admin work)
A newsletter will take approximately 30-90 minutes of admin work. ($5-15 per newsletter)
Social sharing takes approximately 10-30 minutes to share across all networks. (~$5 per share)

Why hourly?

The alternative to Content Allies is going to Upwork and hiring multiple individual freelancers hourly to handle all of these individual tasks for you. You would interview them directly, manage them, and replace them if they flake out or leave. 

For years, this is how content creators have been forced to get support services.

At Content Allies, our goal is to put all of those services in one place. To provide you with a reliable resource to get the support you need with content management.

How does billing work?

In month one, you pay a setup fee and are given a 21 day period to work with our team to gain access to your accounts and document your processes.

After the 21 day onboarding period, you are billed $199 at the start of each month. At the end of each month, you are charged for any additional hours used from the previous 30 days.

Getting Started

Email for next steps to getting started as well as any questions.