We are already publishing consistent Linkedin content on your profile by curating relevant content and promoting your existing content.

Why not leverage everything we are creating on Linkedin in another place… your email newsletter.


Why email newsletters?

A study from Campaign Monitor shows email marketing generates a 4400% ROI on dollars invested. That is $44 return for every $1 spent!

Email marketing is that thing that everyone knows they should be doing, but don’t have time for...

While Linkedin’s algorithm chooses if your content is seen or not, email is guaranteed to hit the inbox of everyone on your list.

Someone who has given you their email represents one of your highest value prospects as they are showing intent and interest.

A regular email newsletter will help:

  • Keep you top of mind to prospects who are not ready to buy today

  • Position you as an expert and thought leader

  • Drive traffic to existing content

  • Activate your email list for future offers and promotions

What we do:

We curate content from external sources and your internal content to create a weekly or monthly newsletter that is sent out to your email list.

Don’t have an email list?

Fear not, we can get you set up to start collecting emails during onboarding. We can even set you up with a lead magnet to encourage opt-ins for a one-time setup fee.

How it works:

Step 1) Survey

You fill out a brief survey outlining your desires and vision for your curated email newsletter.

Step 2) Creation

We create the first edition of your email newsletter and email you a draft for feedback and approval.

Step 3) Send & Repeat

Once approved, we enter into a cadence of sending and approving newsletters on a weekly or monthly basis.

Nurture your prospects to close more deals

Email newsletters enable you to stay in touch with prospects who are not ready to buy today.

Imagine that you close even one additional deal per year as a result of your newsletter.

Interested in learning more?

Email jake@contentallies.com to set up a brief call to talk more.