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Meet Betsy,

Your Content Marketing Virtual Assistant

(Now in private beta) 


As a content producer, your time is best spent creating content.

Yet there are so many small tasks with content marketing that get in the way.

That is why we created Betsy, your content marketing virtual assistant.


What can Betsy do? 

If you can teach it to Betsy, she can do it. Examples include:

Publishing Posts

Once you have written a post, it needs to go live on your website. Betsy can handle all of these steps so you can spend more time writing, and less time getting the post online. 

Copy Editing

Are you publishing typos to your website on a regular basis? Betsy can copy edit all your content before it goes live. 

Content Promotion

Once a post is published live, Betsy can automatically schedule the article to be shared and promoted through your social media channels.

Podcast Support 

Do you produce your own podcast audio, but you need someone to publish it, transcribe it or write show notes? Betsy can handle all of this for you. 

Email Marketing Campaign Prep

Your time is better spent writing email marketing copy, and not trying to get your copy into your email marketing software. Betsy can get everything online and prepared for you to send to your list. 

Thumbnail Creation

Do you need to choose images and create thumbnails for each post that goes live. Train Betsy on what you want and she can handle this for you. 

Keyword Research

Do you need to identify specific keywords to target for an article? Tell Betsy and she can generate a report of search traffic and competition for relevant keywords to your article.

Video Management

Betsy can handle the uploading of video content to Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia or whatever tool you may use. She can ensure all of your settings and thumbnails are correct.

How Betsy works

1) Teach Betsy

Record a screen capture video of you doing the task that you want Betsy to take over for you.

2) Send a task to Betsy

Once Betsy has been trained, she takes over the task and will do this on a recurring basis or whenever this is assigned in the future.

3) Betsy delivers

Each time you assign a task to Betsy, she will deliver within a 48 hour time period. Posts can be left in draft mode or fully published based on your preference.

Spend more time creating, and less time managing

As a content producer, your maximum value comes from creating new content.

Yet all of the small tasks surrounding getting that content online weigh you down.

For years, you have had the choice of hiring a content marketing agency, or figuring it out yourself with virtual assistants.

But those freelance virtual assistants are often unreliable.

Betsy replaces those unreliable VA’s with a solution that you can always count on.

Betsy is your content marketing VA. 

Create more. Manage less. 

The Founders Story

How he saves 10+ hours a week with Betsy



Betsy was created to solve a problem I faced with managing my own content creation process.

I did not want to hire a content marketing agency because I produced content myself. But freelance VA’s were a pain to work with.

This pain of managing content is why I created Betsy. 

Betsy is a reliable VA solution to help you deal with all of the small, monotonous tasks involved with being a content producer. 

Betsy is here so you can create more, and manage less. 

Jake Jorgovan
Founder of Lead Cookie & Betsy 

Join our exclusive beta

If you are reading this, then you have been invited to our exlusive beta group. 

We are opening Betsy to a small group of 10 initial customers. 

We will work closely with these customers to ensure you receive incredible value and time savings from Betsy. 

Betsy Standard

$149 per month
(Limited beta price)

  • Allow posting to 1 website

  • Ideal for solo content producers & small agencies

Betsy Pro

$299 per month

  • Allow posting on up to 10 websites

  • Ideal for content marketing agencies with a medium volume of clients

Betsy Premium

$499 per month

  • Allow posting on up to 25 websites

  • Ideal for content marketing agencies with a large volume of clients

Add-on Services

Copy Editing - $0.04 per word
Transcription / Video Subtitles - $1 per minute
Podcast Show Notes - $50 per episode

There are no long term commitments, you can cancel at any time.

Serve more than 25 customers?
Ask us about enterprise pricing


We also include a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you are unhappy with the beta or the service in the first 30 days we will refund 100% of your money.

Limited beta seats available

We are only opening this to 10 customers in the short term, so get on board quickly if you are interested.

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