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Imagine you created content,
and the rest was taken care of…

We help content creators amplify their content
with reliable systems & support


As a writer and content producer, you want your message to impact as many people as possible.

Yet you are constantly held back by the monotonous tasks:

  • Getting content on your website

  • Editing your podcasts or videos

  • Copy editing and formatting articles

  • Sharing content on social

  • Getting campaigns prepped in your email marketing software

Your time should be spent creating content…

But instead, your time is spent managing the editing, publishing, and promotion process.

Imagine you created a piece of content,
and the rest was taken care of…

You deliver a piece of content, and it magically appears on your website, social media and email newsletter.

This would free you up to create more content and more impact.

That is why we created Content Allies.

You create content. We handle the rest.


 What we do?


It’s easier to say what we don’t do…

We DON’T create content or write articles,
instead support you in everything surrounding content.

We free you up from the mundane content tasks,
so your message can make a bigger impact.


Publishing Articles to your website

Once you have written a post, it needs to go live on your website. Our team can handle all of these steps including tags, metadata, thumbnails, opt-in forms, etc.


Email Marketing Campaign Prep

Getting copy loaded into your email marketing software with the right settings takes time. Our team can get everything online and prepared for you to send to your list. 


Social Media Content Promotion

Once a post is published live, our team can automatically schedule the article to be shared and promoted through your social media channels.


Copy Editing

Are you publishing typos to your website on a regular basis? Our team can copy edit all your content before it goes live. 


Podcast Editing & Support 

We can edit your podcast, transcribe it, and write show notes. Our team can handle all of this for you. 


Video Editing & Channel Management

Our team can handle basic video editing and upload video content to Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia, etc. We ensure all of your settings and thumbnails are correct.


Thumbnail Creation & Image Selection

Our team can select images and create basic thumbnails for articles or podcasts based on a design style and template that you create with our team.


Amplify your impact

Our purpose is to help creators gain more freedom, so they can amplify their message and make an impact

As a content creator, you are producing your maximum value when you are CREATING content.

Yet it’s so easy to get bogged down by things that aren’t the act of writing, recording, or producing.

Our mission at Content Allies is to remove those barriers for you.
To get that mundane work out of your way.
So that you can focus on doing what you do best… creating.

Our systems enable your freedom.
Freedom empowers you to create.
Creation amplifies your message.

If you can teach it, we can do it


The Founders Story

How he amplifies his content with Content Allies


As an entrepreneur, I have used content marketing to grow my own business.

Yet I constantly found myself frustrated with the process of publishing and promoting my content.

I did not want to hire a content marketing agency because I produced content myself. And freelance VA’s were a pain to work with.

Eventually, I got fed up trying to build a publishing and promotion process so I stopped creating new content.

This pain of managing content is why I created Content Allies.

To give you the freedom to write and create.
Our team handle the rest.

Amplify your message and save time with Content Allies.

Jake Jorgovan
Founder of Lead Cookie & Content Allies


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