How to work with Content Allies

This is your guide on using and getting the most out of your experience with Content Allies.

Getting the most out of Content Allies:

You will gain the most value out of our service if you send her recurring and repetitive tasks such as:

  • Post a blog to your website

  • Publish your podcast to iTunes or your website

  • Load content into your email newsletter

  • Share updates on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or Twitter

  • Publish videos to Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia or other sites

  • Create thumbnails for your articles or videos

  • Or anything else you can train us to do...

Content Allies is NOT good at one-off, project based tasks. While you can send these to us, you will have a longer turnaround time and less consistent results.

Communicating with Content Allies:

Every request you make MUST go to

Do NOT email requests to Jake personally or the request will not be completed in a timely manner.

If you have a request to train for a new process, or to execute an existing process, do this by emailing

There are two types of requests you can give to Content Allies:


Teach us a new process

You can teach Content Allies a new process that we can run on a recurring or as needed basis.

Screenshot 2018-11-30 11.07.34.png

Execute existing process

Once you have trained us on a process, we can execute that process with a 24-48 hour turnaround time on command.


1. Teach Content Allies a new process

The first time you send a new type of task to Content Allies, there is a learning process. Each “new process” will require a 3-5 day learning period.

During this learning period, we will leave articles or videos in “Draft” mode so you can double check and provide feedback before we hit publish.

The best way to teach Content Allies a new process is to record a screen capture video using a free tool like

2. Execute an existing process with Content Allies

Once you have taught Content Allies a process, you can execute that process any time you want by providing a new input for the process.

For example, once trained, Content Allies can:

  • Take any text document and publish it as a blog to your website

  • Take a new podcast audio file and description, and publish that live

  • Take a text document and load it into your email newsletter

  • Schedule and share a series of social media updates across any channel

  • Upload a video file, adjust settings and create a thumbnail for each video

  • Create thumbnails for articles and videos based on a template and style guide

  • Or execute any other repetitive process that you can train us to do…

The way for you to extract the most value out of Content Allies is to teach a process, and then consistently feed new content as an input into that process.

To send a request to us, do this by emailing

What will Content Allies will NOT do:

Think of Content Allies as your personal assistant or admin. We can help with whatever it is that you need, but we are NOT writers.

Content Allies will NOT write content, social media updates, newsletters, or articles for you. Content Allies does NOT do audio or video editing.

You feed Content Allies the content, we do the administrative work of getting it published online.

Getting Started with Content Allies:

Here are the steps to getting started with Content Allies.

  1. Reset passwords and provide log-in credentials to necessary sites
    You can do this at

    For example, we will need access to website, podcast hosting, social media sites, etc.

  2. Choose your most important processes, and teach Content Allies
    Don’t try to hand everything off at once. It is recommended to focus on one process of a time and hand something new off every week.

    Choose the most painful task for you to handle, and hand that off first.

    To do that, record a live video of you completing the task using the tool and send it to

Have questions?

Simply email