Project Manager / Operations Lead

 Content Allies is seeking a project manager / operations manager to join our team!

Content Allies is a social media marketing agency. We manage our clients LinkedIn accounts and create consistent content to fill their news feed.

Our team is currently built up of account strategists and copywriters.

And now we are looking for a new project manager / operations role to our team.

This individual would NOT be writing social media posts or responsible for client strategy.

Instead they would be handling all of the operational tasks to free up our content strategists to focus on strategy.

These tasks would include:

  • Completing the onboarding checklist to get a client set up in our system

  • Making sure all scheduled social posts go live every day

  • Oversee invoicing and payment for clients inside of invoicing software

  • Handling 2-factor authentifications for clients LinkedIn accounts

  • Sending out metrics reports to clients on a weekly basis

  • Supporting clients in whatever operational capacity we can so that they can spend more time on strategy, and less on day to day tasks

  • Overseeing virtual assistants who will handle ongoing simple tasks

  • And more as our company grows.

Our desire is to hire someone on a part time hourly basis for 2-4 weeks, and once we believe it is a great cultural fit, we will hire you on as a full time employee.

We are open to team members in North America, or abroad for this role.