As a customer or strategic partner of Content Allies, you can earn cash and rewards by referring quality customers to our business.

Why refer to Content Allies:

  • $1,000 cash payment per referral (When client signs and commits to at least 3 months of article writing or podcasting service)

    • OR $500 cash payment per referral for a client who signs up for at least 3 months of Linkedin Content.

  • It’s safe to refer - One of our company values is Win/Win. That is why we have a 30 day money back guarantee. This forces us to only sell customers who we can help. If they are not happy in the first 30 days, we refund 100% of their money.

  • Awesome incentives - See below. You can earn Bose Headphones, Spa Treatments, Dinner Parties, and even a Tesla!

  • Referrals help us better serve our customers - Referrals helps us reduce our need to spend time & money on sales and marketing. This enables us to invest more efforts delivering an incredible service to our customers.

  • Donate to charity - Some partners / customers don’t want to receive referral commissions. If that’s the case, just let us know and we will donate the amount to the charity of your choice.

Our service lines:

  • Article Writing - We focus on high-quality content. Every single content piece we write is paired with a 45-60 minute interview with the consultant or subject matter expert. We turn their words into polished marketing content.

  • Podcast Production - We believe that podcasts are one of the best ways to systematically network and become an influencer in your field. We help our clients launch podcast and network with other key influencers in their space.

  • Linkedin Content - We repurpose content from our customers into daily Linkedin updates.

Who is a good referral for Content Allies:

Good customers for Content Allies:

Our ideal customer is:

  • An expert - A consultant or business leader who is an expert in their field. They are incredibly intelligent and have amazing insights to share with the world, but they never have the time, energy, or skills to turn their expertise into marketing content for their business. An expert could be:

    • Solo consultant or leader of a boutique firm / agency

    • Business leader at a larger company who is acting as the evangelist for the companies message

  • Established - Most of our customers are already generating $200k annually up to $1M+ in annual revenue.

  • Can talk about their expertise - If they can talk all day about their area of expertise, then we can create content. We interview all of our customers to turn their ideas into written content.

  • They already want to do content - “I have a list of 15 article ideas, but I have no time to write them.” - This is a common trend among our best clients. They have ideas for content, but no time to actually create it.

Bad customers for Content Allies:

A bad referral would be:

  • Nothing to say - If the individual is not an expert in their field, or has nothing interesting to share, then they won’t make for a good fit.

  • Looking for short term lead generation - If they want new leads for their business rapidly, then content is not the answer. This is a longer term investment.

  • Has no interest in creating content - If someone isn’t already thinking about creating content, then it’s hard for us to convince them or gain commitment for the long term which is what content requires.

  • Super early stage - If someone has started their entrepreneurial / consulting career in the past 6 months, then in most cases they won’t be an ideal fit unless they have a very clear target and path on where they are going. If the individual does not have a clear direction on where they are going with their business, then investing in content is not a wise idea.

Milestone Incentives

Earn incentives at each milestone, or donate the equivalent amount in cash to the charity of your choice.

5 Referrals:

We will buy you a pair of Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones.


10 Referrals:

We will buy you a full day Spa treatment.


25 Referrals

We will foot the bill for a meal at ANY restaurant for you and 7 of your closest friends.


50 Referrals

Round trip flights for two + 5 star hotel accommodations for 3 nights to anywhere in the world.


100 Referrals

We will buy you an effin Tesla Model-S. Seriously...


How to make a referral

Just introduce the lead to Jake Jorgovan via email at

Sample Email Intro:

Hi {{super_awesome_lead}},

I wanted to connect you with Jake Jorgovan over at Content Allies. He has a great content agency that is focused on turning experts like yourself into industry thought leaders.

And they have a 30 day money back guarantee in case you aren’t happy with the content they put out.

You two can take it from here and I hope this intro proves worthwhile!


Just email