Tasks Betsy can help with

If you can teach Betsy through a screen share, Betsy can do it

Research prospect emails

Do you have prospects that you need to identify emails for? Just ask Betsy and she will find those emails for you. 

Market Research

Do you need a list of podcasts you could appear on, events you could attend, or lists of target prospects. Just ask Betsy and she will put that together for you?

Linkedin Outreach

Give Betsy a series of scripts and targets for who you want her to target and she can run a basic outreach campaign for you. 

Weekly Metrics Gathering and Updates

Do you need to pull together metrics from various tools on a weekly basis? Train Betsy and she can pull all of that information together for you.

Take an action based on a trigger

Do you want to have the contact info of every company that raises money?
Or every time a certain Google Alert pops up?
Or every time you sign a new customer.

Set up a workflow and Betsy can inform you and take an action (ex. Research contact info) every time a new lead appears. 

Customer Onboarding & Delivery

Do you have tasks that you must do every time you sell a new customer or deliver your service? Betsy can help you streamline the repetitive parts of that. 


Have your videos, calls, or audio files transcribed into text documents

Create basic social graphics

Do you need a basic image for social media. Our team can modify and build off of a template on Canva.com to create something for your needs. 

Inbox management and clean up

300+ unread emails in your inbox? Give Betsy a framework on how to handle various types of emails and she will clean those up for you.

Post content to your website

Your time should be spent writing and creating, not dealing with getting an article formatted and up on your website.

Teach Betsy how to add a blog post or update to your site and in the future, you just send the copy and Betsy does the rest.

Post Updates to Social Media

Create a back log of social media updates to go out across various channels. Betsy will ensure all of those posts are published according to your standards. 

Upload and manage your Youtube / Vimeo Channel

Uploading and getting all of the settings right for each video is a repetitive process. Teach Betsy to do it once and you will never have to worry about this again.

CRM Management

Do you constantly forget to update your CRM, or you get something in an email but you don’t actually enter it into your CRM, or remember to follow up?

You can Tell Betsy and she will update your CRM or provide you reminders to follow up with leads.

Receive a brief before every sales call

Stop wasting time trying to research the prospect before every sales call. Have Betsy send you an email with all of the relevant social links, website and CRM links for your target prospect.