As a consultant, you are an expert in your field.
Your clients already come to you for advice and insights.

Yet finding new business for your firm is a challenge.

Cold outreach can work, but you know there has to be a better way.

That is why we created the Content Allies Podcast Package.

We help consultants grow their business through networking content.

The Big Idea… Podcasts are networking

When most people hear about starting a podcast they think about “building an audience” and “getting sponsors”.

Yet that is the totally wrong way to think about podcasting for most businesses…

At Content Allies, here is what we believe…

Podcasts where you interview others is the #1 way to grow your network and position you as a thought leader.

When you reach out to interview someone on your podcast, it is different than reaching out with a cold pitch.

You are offering them exposure.
You are appearing as an influential person.
And you are starting a relationship in a way that creates value.

Imagine interviewing 52 influential people in your niche every year…
If you were smart about this, many of those could eventually become strategic partners or customers.

At Content Allies, we help you turn this into a reality.

Still confused as to what we mean by Podcast Networking?

Read this article on How to grow your consulting firm through podcast networking

How it works:

The first 3 weeks include an onboarding process to plan and prepare for your show. After onboarding, we enter into a regular cadence of weekly or bi-weekly show publishing depending on your plan of choice. 


Week #1 - Onboarding Call

To kick off our relationship, you will join us for an onboarding call where we are going to dive deep with lots of questions to understand you, your business, and your objectives.

The goal of this call is not to dive into strategy, but instead for us to become experts in your business.

Week #2 - Show Planning

During our second call in week #2, we will dive deeper to brainstorm and plan your show. Will discuss name, brand, topics, formats, theme, music, guests, etc.

Week #3 - Podcast Kickoff & Record First Episode

Prior to our week 3 call, you will receive:

  • A “Show Plan” that will lay out the entire vision of your show in on place.

  • A microphone for podcast recording.

During our week 3 call, we will hear any feedback you have on the Show Plan live. We will also dive in and record the first “Intro Episode” which is typically a solo episode with the host explaining what to expect on the show.

Week #4 & beyond - The Podcast Cycle

After onboarding, we enter into a regular cadence of podcast recording & publishing. You are able to batch as many podcast recordings as you would like so you can have a backlog of content for months to come.

We handle the entire podcast process so you can focus on building relationships.

What is included in your podcast package?

Our podcast package includes everything you need to build your show from beginning to end including:

  • Show planning & strategy

  • Guest outreach research & script frameworks

  • A podcast recording mic (We will ship you a microphone for free with your first month!)

  • Show music selection

  • Audio Production & Editing

  • Technical training for interviews

  • Interview coaching

  • Podcast Directory Submissions (iTunes, Stitcher, etc.)

  • Podcast Management & Website Posting

  • Turning each podcast interview into an article on your website

We also include a “Show Producer” for your first 3 guest interviews.

The show producer joins the interview between you and your guest for the first 3 interviews to make sure that everything flows smoothly. They handle all of the technical details and sit (silently) on the call during the interview to ensure everything works.

By the end of those first 3 interviews, you will see just how easy recording podcasts is and we will give you the confidence to go do this on your own!

Want to mix in content writing with podcasts?

No problem!

Many of our customers like to mix in content writing with podcast production. If you would like to not publish a podcast for one week, then we can replace that with a content interview + writing deliverable.

What kind of content can you create? Can this only be blog posts?

Our team can write content to fit a variety of formats for you. We can create:

  • Articles

  • Case Studies

  • White Papers

  • eBooks

  • Lead Magnets

  • Website copy 

  • Etc. 

How much written content do you deliver each week?

Each weeks deliverable will be up to 2,500 words. If you want to tackle a large project like an eBook that may be 5,000+ words, we can do that although we would simply need to space that project out over the course of multiple weeks and deliverables.

What if I don’t like the tone or quality of the content? (And the importance of feedback)

Our mission as a company is to extract your expertise and knowledge out of your head. Our team listens to any interviews with you and studies the content you have already created to master your voice. 

We do everything in our power to match your style, tone and message. BUT we won’t always be perfect, especially not early on. 

That is why quality feedback is important. When we send you a piece of content, if you don’t like something we need to know WHY you don’t like it. 

Don’t say “I don’t like this”. Instead say “I feel like the tone of this is too forward and bragging. I would prefer to be more subtle.” 

Through the first few rounds of deliverables and quality feedback, we will reach a place of mastering your tone of voice and putting out content you are proud of. 

Where can I use this content?

All work that Content Allies does is considered a work for hire. You can use and repurpose the content we create across any mediums or channels of your choice. 

How do revisions work?

We will provide you with all copy in the form of a Google Doc. You are able to provide comments and feedback directly on the document. When we hold content interviews with you, you can also use that time to provide live content feedback.

We allow for 2 rounds of revisions on any piece of content. Revisions are turned around within 3 business days. 

If you still have revisions after 2 drafts (which is rare), then you can choose to finish out the content yourself or use a weeks deliverable to rework the content. 

Can I see samples of your work?

Sure thing. You can see our portfolio of work at

What if I want to upgrade my plan or publish more often?

That is no problem. We can adjust your plan as we to upgrade or increase frequency of posts as needed.

We also include additional services such as:

  • Content writing

  • Linkedin Content Creation

  • Email Newsletters

We can add these services as needed once you are ready.

Happy customers

Content Allies has been a great partner to help me ramp up my content efforts. The whole process has been a huge time saver from what we did before. They provide the accountability to get the content done as well as the polish to take my ideas to publishable content. And even better, we just got a new client as a result of their services.
— Stephen Carl, Needle Movement
Content Allies has been doing a great job on our account. They took the time to understand our business and really think through how they could help.
— TJ Couzens, Brand X Research
TJ Couzens.png
Working with Content Allies has been exactly what I needed. I had a lot of content created, but I never took the time to regularly share it on Linkedin. I’ve gotten over 30,000 impressions on my content in the first month and it’s leading to significant engagement on Linkedin and a noticeable lift in email subscribers.
— Nils Vinje, Glide Consulting
As an agency owner, Content Allies was great to work with for our clients. The Content Allies team was able to tackle some complex Healthcare topics and do a great job with the content. They have been easy to work with and really take the time to research and put thought into the content they create. Our clients have been very impressed with the quality of the content, and that’s a win for both us and them.
— Jeff Stec, Tylerica Systems
My husband literally asked me how I had the time to get all of this content produced with everything else I had going on. Content Allies is the secret.

Working with them has allowed me to focus on creating new ideas and connecting with my community while they repurpose and promote my content across various channels. They have been incredible to work with and lift so much weight off my shoulders.

The content has also been leading to a noticeable lift in email signups. I am in talks about a few speaking engagements as a result of the content as well!
— Donielle Buie, Wife Mother Leader

Simple Pricing



$1,450/ Monthly
3 month minimum commitment
  • 2 deliverables per month
    (Deliverable = Podcast episode or 2,500 words of writing)
  • Show Planning & Strategy
  • Audio Production & Editing
  • Show publishing and management
  • Dedicated Content Strategist
  • Content Strategy & Content Calendar Creation

Payment terms

The first months payment is due prior to your onboarding call. All future payments are billed at the start of each month.

All engagements are for a minimum of a 3 month commitment.

A 10% discount can be obtained by pre-paying for 3 months up front.
A 15% discount can be obtained by pre-paying for 6 months up front.
A 20% discount can be obtained by pre-paying for 12 months up front.

100% Risk Free

We have a 30 day money back guarantee included with our offer. If you are unhappy for any reason in the first 30 days of running your account we will refund 100% of your money back.

Our goal is to be a long term partner to your business. We include this guarantee so we are mutually aligned to ensure that you see deliverables you are happy with. 


Future Service Options 

We prefer to start small with our clients so that we can get into a rhythm and master your tone of voice. Once we have built a strong cadence of content creation, we also offer the following services.


Content Writing

Our team will interview you on a weekly basis and turn your ideas into marketing content.


Linkedin Content Creation

Create consistent quality content to fill your Linkedin feed and amplify your on-site content


Email Newsletter Creation

Nurture your email list and promote your content through a regular email newsletter

Next Steps

If you are happy with everything you read here, then simply respond to your Content Allies contact for next steps to get started.