The Consultant’s Path to Thought Leadership

“That article you wrote has generated over $500k in sales over the past year. This is hands down the biggest win I have had in marketing to date.”

This is what a solo consultant told me recently on a call. A single article on his website turned into a massive growth engine for his business. 

Yet this story is not typical of most consulting firms and agencies. More often than not you hear stories of “We tried writing some articles on our website but nothing came of it.”

So what’s the difference? How does one firm generate $500k+ in sales while another firm sees zero results?

That is the question we are going to answer in this guide. This will not be a fluffy article of generic tips. 

Instead, this is going to be an actionable plan. I will teach you how an expertise driven company such as a consulting firm or agency can use content marketing to explode their business at a rapid pace.

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Jake Jorgovan